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06.02.2017 Passionone

sorry sof228 i don 039 t make a checklist of how often porn stars take a cock or two or many up zi ass so what do you expect p perhaps she should 039 ve given some of those fellows it up zi ass with strap on then they would understand why it looks hideous! women are always doing things to quot please quot you men at the expense of altering their parts! if the table was turn you men would say the hell with that!

03.02.2017 Sof228

passionone were you born ignorant and a heckler or did you study for it

01.02.2017 Passionone

sof228 poor thing your 039 re a black man amp have a picture of a white woman as your profile picture this quot is quot the definition of ignorance! you 039 re still wet behind the ears amp heckling me for the comment i left! you 039 re ignorant that 039 s the reason you 039 re in college little boi to acquire knowledge! i have too degrees under my belt far from being ignorant! besides i know what the hole in the butt should look like amp that 039 s not it! perhaps you should take anatomy amp physiology !

29.01.2017 Passionone

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27.01.2017 Spragga77

sof228 i have to agree with the very articulate passionone that asshole looks ugly nasty and unattractive you 039 ll probably have a pop at me now but hey free speech etc

24.01.2017 Sof228

passionone thank you for answering my question quot born quot it is!

22.01.2017 Passionone

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20.01.2017 Segnis

passionone i love you!

17.01.2017 Elielarthur

muito bom

15.01.2017 Pacificrimmer69

love her big juicy ass!

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Fat asses anal scene
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Fat asses anal scene
Fat asses anal scene
Fat asses anal

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